Pickle Rich | TryHackMe Writeup


Pickle Rick is an easy Linux-based machine in TryHackMe

User Part

Start with nmap scan found 2 open ports.

22: SSH

80: HTTP

lets run directory bruteforce using feroxbuster

got a login page, so let’s browse that in the browser, but we don’t have any credentials for login, so started looking deeper.

going to the website, like a normal website.

But in the source code, the username is commented. so I got a username. The next step is to find the password.

for every website, the first file that should be looking is the robots.txt, from that I got some string.

so I tried this string with the username on the login page and got success.

I checked with the ls command for listing files

I got a Perl revere shell command to get a shell

I run the command and got shellback

I got my first flag from the same directory.

Root Part

i got the second flag from /home/rick directory

I checked for, the commands that I can run as root and you can see, I can run all commands as root. from the root directory, I got the final flag.

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